Virtually Secure: How Can a vCISO Help Protect Your Network | 6clicks Webinar

With the threat landscape growing by the hour, the role of CISO has never been more important. Yet high demand and massive turnover has led to outsourcing and the opportunity to engage a vCISO.

So, what exactly is a vCISO and how can it benefit you?

Watch this session with industry leaders as they answer all your questions and more.

About Secutor

Secutor Cybersecurity is a trusted partner comprised of industry leading experts in the fields of Cybersecurity and Governance, Risk and Compliance. We partner with our clients to deliver on-demand solutions tailored to expertly navigate the regulatory demands of their specific industries.

Our proven track record of successfully exceeding client expectations is achieved through the combination of our methodical approach, advanced technologies, subject matter experts, and synergy with client team members.

Secutor is your team of world-class problem solvers with vast expertise and experience delivering complete solutions keeping your organization protected, audit-ready, and running smoothly.

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