IPsonar and ESI

You can attain a real-time, dynamic view of your network infrastructure using Lumeta ESI. Running in an always-on mode, ESI delivers next-generation network discovery, leak path detection, visualization and analytics to provide network situational awareness – including awareness of an organization’s presence in private, public, and hybrid clouds. ESI is for any organization where network vulnerability assessment is critical.

It can be a daunting undertaking to keep track of network change. Change is constant. Traditional perimeter security methodologies are challenged by Cloud, BYOD and mobility programs, as well as a growing number of cyber-threats. Evolving network architectures such as Software-defined Networks (SDN) are rapidly increasing network complexity. M&A, consolidation and outsourcing programs are accelerating the speed of change within the enterprise.

Lumeta ESI delivers foundational intelligence to power real-time network situational awareness of the entire enterprise. It automatically discovers the entire enterprise and creates comprehensive, detailed network topology maps – in real-time. ESI yields accurate network and device intelligence, while issuing alerts and notifications as the enterprise changes and evolves. This foundational intelligence is a critical underpinning for network vulnerability management strategies to be truly effective.

  • Network Discovery
  • Host Discovery
  • Leak Path Discovery
  • Enhanced Perimeter Discovery
  • Service Discovery
  • Layer 2 Discovery
  • Device Profiling