Cyber Incident Response Plan Mobilization

Process Delivery Systems helps companies improve the effectiveness of their cyber security incident response teams by mobilizing their cyber incident response plans. The cyber security incident response team’s effectiveness depends on how well they understand what needs to be done, by whom, when, how, and why.

Today’s readership expects digital content to be visually intuitive, comprehensive yet succinct, available on any device, from anywhere, at any time. The traditional text-based digital document format does not adequately meet the reading appetite of today’s mobile audience.

Mobilizing the cyber security plan is more than placing a PDF on a mobile phone. Web frameworks provide far superior capabilities of delivering digital incident response content in a fashion that meets the appetite of today’s mobile readership. Web frameworks deliver cyber incident response plans in a manner that is:

  • Visually Intuitive
  • Improves Team Collaboration
  • Available on Any Device, From Any Location, and At Any Time