Secutor Cybersecurity Management System (SCMS)

Secutor’s Cybersecurity Management System is a human-centric cybersecurity-driven service aimed at assessing, reviewing, and identifying IT vulnerabilities for client organizations. We seek to understand, learn, and build trust with our clients; and help preemptively identify problems before a malicious or mischievous hacker compromises your systems.

With this process, Secutor uses both analytical tools and generative techniques to help clients assess their Information Technology systems. Our assessment helps clients understand how their IT systems could look in the future. Through the use of several industry-proven solutions, Secutor can rebuild, fix, or reboot your organizational cybersecurity system while keeping current and continuously evolving compliance standards, laws, and frameworks in mind.

We also provide non-technical security and awareness training based on your organization’s specific information security risks and needs.

Our expert consultants help navigate challenging IT cybersecurity systems to avoid the pitfalls we commonly see in most information security management systems. We can help you maximize your organization’s protection of confidential internal and client data. We assist our clients in upgrading their Cybersecurity programs to include vital components of risk management, threat intelligence, mitigating controls, security processes, procedures, and solutions that might be missing from their current security strategy.   

Our Services

Gap analysis

We help you understand where are you now compared to best practices, standards, and your organization’s target goals. We help you understand exactly how to get where you believe you need to be sooner rather than later. 

Our process starts by interviewing staff that has responsibilities for cybersecurity. Those staff will usually be a combination of people in Information Technology and/or Cybersecurity because the people responsible for the IT systems and the people responsible for securing those systems aren’t always the one and the same. This part of the gap analysis seeks to help us understand current cybersecurity tools, policies, and practices.

We then review your existing policies, procedures, standards (if you have them), and practices in detail so that we can identify strengths and weaknesses. Our process helps map the tools and solutions you use today to what your staff tells us are the biggest risks that they believe that the organization faces. We evaluate the inventory of cybersecurity-related solutions to understand if all of the risks your organization faces are covered by the current technologies. 

We make comparisons of your current security practices to relevant regulations and applicable compliance requirements and can create a roadmap to help you improve your current cybersecurity program so that it grows and adapts in order to be more resilient to change.

Lastly, we can provide a summary level analysis with our recommendation for presentation to the organization’s governing body whether that be a Board of Directors, IT Security, or Cybersecurity Steering Committee. 

Vulnerability Management

First, we learn and start to understand your organization’s network security architecture and cloud strategy. We document the network architecture so we understand if your particular environment has large network pipes throughout your entire network. We need to understand if you have small satellite offices using SOHO network devices or if you’re using Satellite communications technologies. We also learn about your most important and critical data so that we understand exactly what it is that you’re trying to protect.  

We then help you by evaluating your current Vulnerability Management practices (if any) and procedures. We evaluate how deeply embedded your current processes are within the rest of the IT organization. We look at typical processes that VM touches including Change Management, Configuration Management, and Patch Management.  

We then help you optimize your vulnerability scan services and help you embed security into your IT processes. We help you better prioritize your scanning, reporting, and remediation processes by using a combination of asset value, vulnerability severity, and exposure to threat sources.

If necessary, we can utilize highly customizable Secutor MSSP solutions to help you better protect your IT assets without having to buy and maintain expensive VM solutions.  

Endpoint Protection

We help you implement and configure endpoint protection solutions so that you can defend your network and people against ransomware and other attacks. We help you build more effective security methodologies, countermeasures, and systems to reduce the risk of getting locked out of your own data and network. 

We help you learn how to act precisely to immediately contain and remediate attacks to reduce the risk and impact of data loss. We help you secure the devices in your network and block hackers’ attempts at stealing your data. We help you analyze your network ingress and egress, Firewalls, and other cybersecurity and network solutions so that you can identify and stop the potential exfiltration of data when and if it occurs. 

Using endpoint protection solutions, you can continuously detect & protect against malware, viruses, and cyber hacking attempts.

Network Protection

We audit your current network and network security architecture. Our audit helps to uncover gaps that we review with you. Our process helps to link the gaps we identify to specific risks so that you can make important decisions about what risks to address. We can assist in the evaluation, acquisition, design, and/or implementation of specific security solutions.

We will make recommendations about how to improve and optimize your current network security architecture even if you decide not to upgrade your cybersecurity capabilities. We look at how the network is configured, where Firewalls might be placed in the environment, and if Access Control Lists (ACLs) are also enabled or not. We also learn about any other network security solutions that might be in place such as Intrusion Detection Systems or Intrusion Prevention Systems. 

In the event you so choose, we can help you remediate the network architecture flaws that we identified to help you improve your security posture.

SCMS cost varies according to your organization’s needs, team structure, and size.