January 12, 2017

Vulnerability Management

Improve Your Cybersecurity Architecture with the Secutor Signature Vulnerability Management (SSVM) System

The Secutor Signature Vulnerability Management (SSVM) system is a comprehensive solution that serves as the solid foundation upon which all other Cybersecurity is built. Successful vulnerability management can automatically, accurately and consistently prioritize vulnerabilities based on multiple criteria, along with its integration into the organization’s daily work process. As a keystone of your overall information security plan, VM can add contexts to IDS alerts, cross-check for software inventory, discover unmanaged assets, confirm network segmentation, identify paths of opportunity into your network, and prepare your organization for a security audit.

Secutor has helped many businesses and organizations overcome cybersecurity challenges using the SSVM system. Developed by top CISSP certified experts at Secutor, SSVM is a holistic, risk-based approach to Vulnerability Management that places emphasis on using network security architecture to identify critical attack vectors and prioritize vulnerability remediation.

Working with the top vendors, Secutor provides its clients the best-in-class solutions and recommends QualysGuard, LumetaRedSeal, and Allgress.

    • QualysGuard, as the best-of-breed solution, delivers critical security intelligence on-demand and automates the full spectrum of auditing, compliance, and protection for Internet perimeter systems, internal networks, and web applications.
    • Lumeta Spectre discovers and maps ALL your networked assets beyond other visibility solutions, in real-time and agent-less. The integration with QualysGuard enables a more complete picture of your security posture and improved ability to identify risk and quickly remediate.
    • RedSeal‘s automated intelligence gives you the power to understand your network, identify security gaps, and prevent cyber attacks. RedSeal lets you prioritize vulnerabilities and fix your most critical security gaps – before hackers can find them.
    • Allgress aligns your security and compliance programs with top business priorities, communicates the value of those programs to senior executives, and manages security and compliance risks. Additionally, Allgress allows Secutor to help customers to perform security and compliance assessments that simplify the compliance audit process. Allgress can assess, manage, and report on multiple compliance regulations.

The SSVM is available in a variety of packages that can be customized to meet your specific needs:

SSVM Managed Service

SSVM Silver Case Study

SSVM Gold Case Study

SSVM Platinum Case Study


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