Client Testimonials

Secutor has helped and improved cybersecurity issues for many businesses and organizations.


Secutor's Information Sword & Shield Remediates Security Challenges

Secutor Consulting provides recommendations based on individual clients' needs and always come after a thorough gap analysis, asset inventory, requirements, existing infrastructure, workforce, and training.

Incidence Response

Rapidly deploy your cybersecurity team to hack threats

  • Monitor for malicious activities
  • Reverse hack your hacker with advanced cyber counter-intelligence tactics
Recover your assets and prevent future threats

Security Breach Assessment

Protect your system before a malicious attack

  • pen testing
  • malware protection
  • vulnerability management
  • data integrity & security and more
Equip your organization with the Secutor Cyber Gladiators to protect your business assets

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Maintain business integrity with GRC experts

  • Governance: Management information
  • Risk: Legal and Regulatory
  • Compliance: Processes and Conformance

Customized Support

Secutor has Local and Global Leadership

  • Customized strategies, tools, and reports because your business is unique
  • Secutor Gladiators move mountains for customers
Secutor Gladiators are sought-out by industry and professional organizations like (ISC)², ISACA and at conferences like ISSA

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We are your Information Security Partners

Clarity - Expertise - Affordable

People First

Secutor provides the greatest possible value for clients using the SCMS Process

Motto: People First

When our employees love working here, they’ll treat our customers the same way.

Our consultants have a wide range of specialties, including building enterprise-class vulnerability management programs, penetration testing for PCI compliance, network security architecture design, and Managed SOC operations.

  • Top Cybersecurity Professionals

    We recruit and hire only the most experienced cybersecurity professionals.

  • Average years in industry

    Highly Niched Cybersecurity Experience.

  • Focused on Cybersecurity Services

    A Wide Range of Cybersecurity Professional Services Available.

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