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Client Testimonials

Secutor has helped and improved cybersecurity issues for many business and organizations.


We Help Resolve Cybersecurity Problems

Secutor Consulting provides recommendation based on the individual clients' need and always come after a thorough analysis of your needs, requirements, existing infrastructure, workforce, and training.

Incidence Response

We can rapidly deploy a cybersecurity team to access and identify the threats.

By monitoring your system for malicious activities, we can track and trace your hacker using advanced cyber counter-intelligence tactics.

Our goal is to help recover your assets and prevent further damages.

Security Breach Assessment

Before a malicious hacker or malware affects your system, we can provide pentesting, malware protection, vulnerability management, identify theft protection, improved network security, and other important relates services.

Our goal is to equip your organization with the cybersecurity tools and knowledge, which helps better protect your business assets and restore order.

Compliance & Cybersecurity Management Service

Secutor have the experience, guidance and team to provide cybersecurity compliance consultation.

Our cybersecurity management service’s goal is to provide quality review of your organization’s cybersecurity strength.

Customized Cybersecurity Support

At Secutor, we work with both international and local businesses.

Customized cybersecurity services are available.

Our goal is to provide the best cybersecurity service, along with the industry-leading products for our customers.

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We are your Information Security Partners

Clarity - Expertise - Affordable

People First

Secutor work together to provide the greatest possible value for our customers.

Motto: People First

When our employees love working here, they’ll treat our customers the same way.

Our consultants have a wide range of specialties, including building enterprise-class vulnerability management programs, penetration testing for PCI compliance, network security architecture design, and Managed SOC operation.

  • Top Cybersecurity Consultants

    We recruit and hire only the experienced cybersecurity professionals.

  • Average years in industry

    Highly Niched Experienced in Cybersecurity.

  • Focused on Cybersecurity Services

    Wide Range of Cybersecurity Professional Services Available.

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